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Biomass Magazine - Pellets & Densified Biomass

Biomass Magazine is a monthly trade publication tailored to serve companies and organizations engaged in producing or utilizing biomass power and heat, advanced biofuels, biogas, wood pellets and biobased chemicals.  In addition to policy, regulation, project finance, technology and plant management, the publication maintains a core editorial focus on biomass logistics: generating, cultivating, collecting, transporting, processing, marketing, procuring and utilizing sustainable biomass.

Equipment for raw material handling: pneumatic systems - Part II
Analysing the economic impact of a renewable heat incentive

The need for a Renewable Heat Incentive in Ireland to move from 5.4% renewable heat to 12% by 2020, to meet Ireland's EU commitments.

Forisk Blog

Good information about markets for forest products and bioenergy production. US focused.

propellet France

French language only

Equipment for raw material handling: pneumatic systems - Part I
Carbon emissions of various fuels (Biomass Energy Centre)
Silo fires: fire extinguishing and preventive and preparatory measures

Book on preventing and coping with fires in wood pellet silos, by a leading expert. Free download from MSB, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

Particular focus on large systems, because the risk of fires and the difficulty of controlling them is much greater in large systems. But some of the advice is relevant to smaller systems, and much of it is applicable to wood pellet manufacturers and suppliers, who may be storing large quantities of wood pellets.

Woodfuel Resource (Forestry Commission, Forest Research)

Study into the potentially available woodfuel resource of Great Britain.

The Carbon Cycle - Nasa Earth Observatory
Solutions to Biomass Problems (dust explosion risk and management)

School Building Magazine, June 2012. Navigate to p.19 for double-page spread on the risks of dust explosion in wood pellet stores, and Wood Energy's solutions to manage the risks.

Forest sustainability and carbon balance of EU importation of North American Forest Biomass for Bioenergy Production

2.3M PDF. Report from the "Bridging with Biomass" coalition of European, American and Canadian industrial pellet producers.

The report emphasises the importance of the assumptions underlying assessments of the carbon balance from biomass utilisation, and identifies some realities that contradict some of the assumptions used for the more pessimistic assessments. An important corrective for some of the propaganda put out by some NGOs.

UK Pellet Council
Firefighters among seven hurt in Forres silo explosion

Fire and explosion in a wood-dust silo in Forres.

The Lethal Dangers of Wood Pellets (YouTube video)
Wood-fuelled heating

The Energy Saving Trust's guide to wood-fired heating. A good collection of information on various subjects, with useful links for further information.

Telegraph: is it cheaper to run a wood-pellet boiler

Pig ignorant article. Biased and ill-informed. Confuses industrial wood pellets (supplied in large volumes from the Americas to Europe) and high-grade wood pellets for end users (supplied almost entirely from Europe for Europe).

In any case, claims that shipping by sea somehow negate the carbon benefit are not substantiated by basic calculations, which he clearly failed to do. Shipping by water has such a low energy cost per tonne-mile travelled that it is insignificant in the carbon footprint compared to the cost of extraction, production and road transport.

He could have given a credible answer with the same conclusion. No, don't swap from gas to wood pellets, because gas is cheap, plentiful and easy in the UK at the moment. Wood pellets make sense to replace heating oil, LPG, and electric heating. By relying on ill-informed and biased arguments to make a case that could have been quite straightforward, Mr Howell revealed his motives and unfitness to provide advice on this subject area.

Wood Pellet Association of Canada
Wood Bioenergy Magazine

Wood Bioenergy magazine began in 2009 as the only publication devoted exclusively to the new generation wood energy industry. Wood Bioenergy is known for its detailed, insightful articles on project and technology developments in the new generation wood energy industry, encompassing wood pellets, biomass power, biofuels, feedstock management and timber harvesting.

Biomass Boilers: A Guide

Channel 4's 4Homes quick guide to biomass boilers. Includes a reasonable list of equipment suppliers.