Impact mat in your wood pellet silo?


If you take blown deliveries of wood pellets, does your fuel store have an impact mat?

Can you even tell? Does your store have an access hatch that allows you to check?

Is the impact mat the right size and in the right location (see associated article on impact mats for blown deliveries of wood pellets)? For example, is it long enough that wood pellets arc'ing down from the end of the inlet pipe would hit it rather than the wall underneath or the floor? Do you know how to calculate the likely trajectory of your wood pellets to estimate whether the impact mat is in the right place?

Is the impact mat well-fixed and made of a rugged material that will stand up to the force of repeated blown deliveries of wood pellets? (Don't go into your store to check unless you have taken all the necessary precautions to avoid the risks that can be encountered in a wood pellet store, with particular reference to carbon monoxide.)

Did your installer explain about the need for an impact mat in any fuel store that takes blown deliveries?

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