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EcoEnergy has commited to joining Woodsure     

Woodsure is the UK's new wood fuel quality assurance standard.

This will provide a straightforward, thorough procedure for assessing the quality and sustainability of EcoEnergy Wood Pellets supplied for use in biomass boilers and wood fuel appliances. The scheme is supported by HETAS.

 As part of the Woodsure accreditation process we will also be applying to obtain the ENplus certification. Once we have this Certificate we will be the Fourth Wood Pellet Manufacturer in the UK to obtain this quality certificate.

Welcome to the quality-assured wood pellet club

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That's good news. Customers can do with as many quality-assured sources of wood pellets as possible. I hope we can also look forward to your participation in the UK Pellet Council (the sponsoring association for ENplus in the UK, responsible for using the ENplus licence fees for the operation of ENplus and the promotion of high-quality wood pellet heating in the UK).

Strictly, you would be the 5th UK manufacturer to get ENplus certification and the 7th factory. The ENplus accredited UK manufacturers are listed on the UK Pellet Council (UKPC) website. Two of them (Verdo and Balcas) have two accredited factories each. As ENplus wood pellets may also be imported, it may be useful to know that the European Pellet Council's ENplus website hosts the full list of ENplus accredited producers in every country.

The UKPC website also lists the companies that are accredited as traders to offer blown deliveries to the ENplus standards. Companies that both produce and supply wood pellets must gain separate accreditation on both lists if they wish to offer ENplus-accredited deliveries.

ENplus dominates wood pellet accreditation in the UK (and increasingly around the world). Not so many pellet producers and suppliers have gone for WoodSure accreditation (which is the dominant accreditation scheme for wood chip and log in the UK).

That is a pity, because in some ways WoodSure is more rigorous than ENplus. For instance, where a company operates from multiple sites and is seeking accreditation for all their sites, every site must be audited under WoodSure, whereas only one site has to be audited under ENplus. On the other hand, ENplus is more specific to wood pellets. Arguably, customers get the best assurance where companies are accredited under both schemes. That is the approach we have taken at Forever Fuels, to assure our customers of the highest quality of blown wood pellet deliveries.

ENplus and WoodSure are quite close anyway. WoodSure are one of only two organisations in the UK (the other is SGS) that are approved to carry out ENplus audits. The audits for both schemes will look for similar issues. One could apply for ENplus and WoodSure accreditation, ask WoodSure to carry out the ENplus audit, and kill two birds with one stone.

WoodSure Plus looks interesting, as the first attempt to integrate sustainability issues into a wood fuel accreditation scheme. Sustainability requirements will be introduced soon in the RHI, and WoodSure Plus looks like a useful way for companies to make sure their offering is sustainable and likely to meet the RHI requirements. WoodSure Plus is certified by HETAS, who are also the certification body for ENplus in the UK. This is a tightly-knit industry, with a limited number of people and organisations with the skills to carry out the necessary assessments.

Bruno Prior
Managing Director
Forever Fuels Ltd

EN+A1 wood pellets


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Many thanks for your welcome, apologies for my incorrect statement being 4th... we are intending to join you guys in the UK Pellet Council, reason I decided Woodsure was pretty much down the reputation and knoledge of Helen Bentley-Fox, also what you have recommended getting them to do the both as they carry out ENplus audits.

Regarding blown deliveries, I think we will leave that to you guys who have the experience. When we have all accreditation should you have clients in our area we are more than happy for you to use us as a source to re fill....there’s the salesman coming out.

We have much to learn and thanks again for the pointers of which are always welcome. I look forward to meeting you at some point in the near future


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