User Guide

You will find instructions below for how to use this site as:

  1. Members of the wood pellet industry who want to put information about themselves on the site
  2. Other contributors (e.g. if you use wood pellets and want to comment, or if you are thinking of using wood pellets and want to ask a question

The first step for anyone who wants to do anything more than browse the site is to Register as a user of the site. If you can't work out how to register, see our guide.

Members of the wood pellet industry

Once you have registered, send us a message via our Contact form to say that you are in the industry and want to add your details to the site.* We will upgrade your status so that you can add various kinds of information to the site, including:

Name and basic contact details for the organisations you represent. Add organisation now.
Operating Centres
Sites that your organisations operate from (including your Head Office - there is no location information inside the Organisations items to allow you to define as many sites for as many purposes as you like). Add operating centre now.
Vehicles that you operate from your organisations' sites. This is primarily intended for the delivery vehicles for wood pellet suppliers. Add vehicle now.
Models of boiler or stove available on the market. All models listed by all contributors are available to be listed by any organisation as a model that they sell (via the Organisations page). If the models that you sell have already been entered onto this site, you can simply select them without having to add their details. You cannot list models whose details have not first been entered onto this site. Add boiler/stove now.
Other Equipment
Models of pellet store, accumulator tank, heat meters, level sensors or whatever other equipment you offer ancillary to the pellet boiler/stove. As for Boilers/Stoves, once listed, these models can be selected via your Organisations page as models that you sell. Add other equipment now.

You can add most of these in any order (except a manufacturer will have to exist as an Organisation before you can add their equipment). The following flow chart demonstrates the most efficient order to add your details (in SVG format - if you can't see it, you need a newer browser):

Flow chart for adding your details to this site

You can also add the types of item that are available to all registered users to add. To add and edit all types of item, see below under Other contributors.

* If your organisation is already listed on the site, mention it in your message to us, and we will transfer control of that content to you so that you can edit your organisation's details.

Other contributors

By default, you can add Bookmarks and Forum topics to the site, once you have registered. You can also add comments to any item on the site that allows comments. Add bookmark or forum topic now.

Bookmarks are links to sites with information relevant to wood pellets. Forum topics are where you enter a topic to start a debate or request help in one of the Forums.

You can add as many entities as are relevant under each of these headings via the Add content option. When you are logged in, you can find links to Add content in the grey menu bar at the top of the page, and in the Navigation box on the left side of the page.

To edit existing content that you have added to the site, go to your My Account page and select the My Content tab. You can find a link to My Account in the User menu at the bottom of the set of blocks on the left of the page. If you click the Title of any item in the My Content list, it will take you to a view of that item as it currently stands, from where you can select the Edit tab to edit the item. Or you can click the edit link against the item in the My Content list to go direct to the edit view.