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DELOX SiCon schematic
DELOX SiCon GSM schematic

DELOX SiCon level sensors are the only level sensors in the market purpose-built for measuring the level of wood pellets in a fuel store. They have been designed from the ground up to avoid many of the problems commonly encountered with generic level sensors, such as proximity sensors (microwave, ultrasonic, infrared, paddle, etc) and load cells.

DELOX works by measuring the capacitance on two sensors installed in the fuel store. The capacitance varies according to the extent to which the sensors are surrounded by wood pellets. The DELOX amplifier and control box employ some complex mathematics to convert the capacitance into a pellet level in the store, based on the readings and the dimensions and shape of the store. Unlike many sensors, DELOX can take account of the different shapes of store that are commonly encountered.

The SiCon GSM model accepts a mobile SIM, so that permitted numbers (upto three of them) can dial into the unit and collect the real-time level reading.

Forever Fuels, the DELOX agent in the UK and Ireland, offers a service to collect the data from a DELOX automatically on a daily basis, and present the data to the customer online, including historic charts.

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